Set Up an Inflex Kit

An inflex kit is a single item that arrives to the customer in multiple boxes.

Inflex Kit Categories

You may only set up inflex kits for the following categories > sub-categories:

  • Animal > Animal Other
  • Art & Craft
  • Cleaning, Safety, & Other > Storage
  • Electronics > Electronics Other
  • Furniture
  • Garden & Patio > Garden & Patio
  • Sport & Recreation > Sport & Recreation Other
  • Tools & Hardware > Tools
  • Toys
  • Vehicle > Vehicle Other

Set Up an Inflex Kit

  1. On the Item Setup Template, find the Inflex Kit Component column. Select Yes from the drop-down if you're setting up an inflex kit for the item.
  2. Make sure the required attributes are filled out for your item. Then, upload your updated template in the left nav bar in iSAM.
    The inflex kit components won't be auto-published; you will need to bundle them together under one Product ID (e.g., UPC, GTIN, etc.).

Track Your Item Setup

Read Item Setup Pipeline Overview.

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